About us

My name is Sirko Galz, born 1978 in the forest town Eberswalde in the beautiful northeast of Brandenburg. I graduated as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) for Landscape Use and Nature Conservation at the University of Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development and moved to Bavaria in 2007 for professional reasons. Today I live and work in Burglengenfeld, a small town in the north of Regensburg.


The foundation stone for my textile career was certainly laid by one of my grandmothers, who had started an apprenticeship at the State Technical School for Weaving in Hohenelbe in the Giant Mountains in today's Czech Republic, but was never able to work in her profession due to the relocation at the end of the 2nd WW. The interest in textiles and their production she obviously passed on to me. Since 2007 I have been getting deeper and deeper into the subject and since about 2009 I have been running a hand weaving mill. Only part-time and since 2013 full-time. Since 2013 I am with my workshop in the old town of Burglengenfeld, right next to the church. In summer, the clatter of the looms can be heard far into the adjacent alleys when the door is open.

In the beginning the main focus was on the reconstruction of historical textiles. My works can be found as exhibits in many renowned museums in Europe or are worn by re-enactment actors with high demands on details. In recent years, the boom has clearly shifted the focus towards hand-woven baby wraps. By expanding the workshop with an old hand-jacquard weaving loom, I am able to make baby wraps a product that is unique in the world and, at the same time, to breathe new life into an almost vanished area of hand weaving.

The weaving mill has developed into a small business in the last few years with me as weaver and 1 - 2 employees.


  • Counter march loom large with 6 shafts and 4 steps, weaving width 180 cm, about 40 years old
  • Counter march loom small with 10 heald frames and 10 steps, weaving width 120 cm, about 20 years old
  • hand-jacquard loom large with 200 hooks, weaving width 120 cm, about 70-100 years old
  • hand-jacquard loom small with 200 hooks (expandable to 400 hooks), weaving width 50 cm, new building